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Cruz: Guam’s Mini Hatch Act Law Should Meet Federal Hatch Act Standard

Monday, April 9th, 2012 at 11:52 am

Cruz: Guam’s Mini Hatch Act Law Should Meet Federal Hatch Act Standard

For Immediate Release

(February 12, 2012- Hagatna)  Government of Guam employees, who are not on duty or in uniform, should have the same right to participate in the democratic process as their federal counterparts. That is why Vice Speaker Benjamin J.F. Cruz introduced a new measure which modernizes the existing law governing political activity by GovGuam employees.

Bill No. 419-31(COR), introduced Friday, will update Guam’s  existing Mini Hatch Act and keep it in line with the federal law it was originally intended to model.  The measure would allow classified employees of the government, who are not on duty or in uniform to:

  • Be a member, officer, or delegate of a political party or other political organization and  fully participate in its activities;
  • Drive voters to the polls;
  • Endorse or oppose a partisan candidate;
  • Address a partisan caucus, meeting, or convention;

“GovGuam employees should have the same right to participate in politics as their federal counterparts.  Like every other taxpayer, our classified employees are directly affected by the decisions we make and our laws should welcome their participation—not prohibit it.”

While the measure will allow for greater political activity by classified employees of the government of Guam, it will not allow them to use government resources to help any candidate be elected.

A copy of the bill is included in this release.  For more information on the federal government’s “Hatch Act” please visit:  http://www.osc.gov/hatchact.htm

For more information contact Carlo Branch at 477-2520 or via email at carlo.branch@gmail.com.

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